Tuesday, 22 March 2011

S. Maharba - S. Maharba

now for something really underground. S. Maharba is a sample-splicer and beatsmith from Ipswich, UK, and he can contend with the best of 'em. Blending gritty, dirty beats with soulful vocal cuts and downtempo, trip-hop mood vamps against a backdrop of vinyl crackling, S. Maharba's self-titled EP is truly an exquisite record not to be missed. This is only around 20 minutes long, and there are 10 songs, so he keeps it fresh and this is over before you know it. I especially like the beautiful closer When I Go To Sleep, which is posted below on youtube, but really the whole thing is just excellent. Hype hype hype. Get this now.



Sinner said...

Very awesome. I love it.

consuela bananahammoc said...

Cool! Very nice!

x +new follower :)

YourArgumentIsCurrentlyInvalide said...

nice one! :)
i like it.

Jennifer Black said...

yes, putting the uk back on the map!

Püllï said...

nice one! :)
i like it.